Debra K

As the founder of Well World TV, Debra holds passion to share uplifting and educational content. You will find a variety of shows on health, wellbeing, psychology, business, fitness and more. As long as it helps create a Well World, Debra is all in and ready to share.
Debra K is the founder of WellWorld.tv and an Emmy-nominated television producer who currently has shows airing on PBS. She is a keynote speaker, published author and television host. Her network, Well World TV shares inspirational and educational stories with the intention to help viewers experience radical wellbeing. Work with Debra in a variety of ways; Guaranteed Media Coverage: Bring Well World TV to your next event and ensure all your VIP’s are happy with guaranteed engagement and activities including; interviews, red carpet experience, videographer and event emcee. Customize a package that fits your event. Keynote Speaker: Ready to Rock Radical Wellbeing with your audience? Debra is a graduate trained speaker and will create a presentation for your event and attendees. Video Influencer Bootcamp: Join Debra and an amazing team of experts for this four week bootcamp that will change your video creation process  forever.  Graduate with five perfect videos!! Contact: DebraK@wellworld.tv