The Prime Time

Growing old isn’t a walk in the park, but hosts Debra K and Linzi Martinez plan to make it an adventure of a lifetime. In this new series, Linzi and Debra are tackling middle-age with wit, grit, and grace. IN FACT! THEY ARE IN THE PRIME OF THEIR LIVES! Together, they are exploring every exciting, terrifying, annoying, worrisome and rewarding aspect of being women in their 50’s. Engaging, relatable and hysterically funny, you’ll hear, not just their own personal struggles and triumphs, but also the inspiring stories of others they meet along the way. This series is designed to motivate, inspire and empower viewers to embrace the challenges of getting older and provide them the tools and resources to have a rich and brilliant second half to life. IT’S TIME TO DEBUNK THE MYTH THAT – ONCE YOU HIT MID-LIFE – “IT’S ALL DOWNHILL FROM THERE.”