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A Well World TV Original Television Show

“Under My Implants” is a reality-based TV program exploring the heartfelt stories beneath women’s implants, the factors that lead them to surgery, and the healing journey behind their process of getting them removed.

Often the decision to have implants is guided by external reasons and the desire to meet societal expectations. This issue is now being addressed by the Breast Implant Illness Movement, Women’s Empowerment Movement and the Body Positivity Movement. As this process can be both emotionally and psychologically impactful, we will hear from diverse groups of women, celebrities, influencers, and top medical and mental health experts as they all seek to educate viewers as we explore this compelling and trending topic.

With over a million searches on Google and YouTube for breast implant removal, it’s a HOT TOPIC and a deeper look into why women are now deciding to have explant surgery will be explored.

Global Patient Advocate Coalition; Uniting and empowering advocates worldwide.

Meet your Host, Debra K

Debra is the EMMY nominated founder of and has produced and hosted TV Shows including; The Prime Time, Senior Moments, and the ADDY award-winning Journey into Wellbeing. As a storyteller and natural health explorer, she enjoys sharing stories that will entertain, educate and inspire viewers to live their healthiest life.

Her shows have broadcast on PBS, NBC, Glewed TV and Women on TV network.

“This show is important because having an explant procedure is much more than just surgery… there are emotional components as a woman begins her journey. It is an honor to share the heartfelt and intimate stories that rest underneath implants and help women embrace their unique beauty in all its forms.”

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Featuring Emilia

After being raised in a society valuing vanity and beauty, Emilia grew up suffering from body image issues. These insecurities were instilled from a young age and guided her decision to have implants in an attempt to please others and conform to society’s standards of what a woman “should” look like. Unfortunately, this decision is still costing her health today.

Later this year, Emilia steps in front of the camera and courageously shares her explant journey. She joins thousands of other women opting for explant surgery.

And Lesley

Lesley was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer when she was only 41 years old. Following her cancer treatments, which included chemotherapy, radiation, and multiple surgeries, she was struggling to regain her pre-cancer self. Lesley had heard of the “new normal” but no one prepared her for the life-changing collateral damage of the very treatment that had saved her life. As the founder of Ultimate Vitality, Lesley will be featured in the show to share her story with breast implants, breast cancer, and her process toward self-acceptance, better wellness, and personal empowerment. 


Amazing Experts will guide the way!


Dr. Fredric Barr

Dr. Fredric Barr is a leader in breast implant removal and is committed to women’s health, making him a perfect fit for this program. He is a board-certified surgeon who has been performing breast explant surgery for years and in 2019, decided to no longer perform breast implant surgery.

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Dr. Anjali Noble

Dr. Anjali Noble, is a double board-certified physician in Internal and Integrative Medicine. She served as full time faculty at Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU’s) College of Osteopathic Medicine and later went on to complete fellowships in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine; As Well As,  Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine. She is the founder of the Noble Center for Health & Healing.

The Team


Lauren Malis

Marketing & PR

Lauren will lead the PR and Marketing efforts for the show and for your brand. Lauren has years of experience in the areas of Brand strategy, PR, Events and Marketing. She has worked with Discovery Networks and Albert Maysles, the iconic founder of Maysles Films. Lauren helped create the Tribeca Film Festival and co-founded the Palm Beach Digital Television Festival. She publishes three magazines and is the co-host & producer of a wellness radio show in the Palm Beach market.


Jason Parmer

Creative Director

Emmy-nominated Director Jason Parmer has been producing award-winning multimedia productions for more than a decade. Jason has previously worked with Well World TV and played a critical role in the success of the ADDY winning Journey into Wellbeing and EMMY nominated Senior Moments, both of which broadcast on PBS.

Jason has worked on the broadcast of two International Olympic Games, the feature film Seabiscuit and has directed content for the Travel Channel. Jason will serve as a Creative Lead and the Director of Photography.

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Shelley Plumb


As the founder, CEO and Executive Producer at Plumb Talk Productions, Shelley provides worldwide state-of-the- art video production services and will be joining the camera crew for Under My Implants. 

Her passion is to assist individuals in achieving their lifelong ambitions through increased exposure and the power of video marketing. She is revered in her professional community for her creativity and attention to detail.  


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