The Magic of Massage: Join host Lillian Kreppel as she speaks with good friend Josh Smith, massage therapist extraordinaire. Josh’s interest in body work began as a bodybuilder/ trainer in his teenage years leading to a competitive amateur bodybuilder career before he started dancing. Josh started as a dancer touring Europe in his early 20s and continued when he returned to Los Angeles. He married his wife, also, my good friend, Ann, who led him into acting which he pursued for 10 years doing television, stage and independent films. While acting, he started his producing career with his wife doing numerous stage productions over the next few years which led to producing their first short film. He and his writing partner used his extensive book collection as a breeding ground to write feature film and television scripts. After purchasing their second home, Josh pursued a career in massage that led to his immersion in body work and the energy arts that he continues to do today. Josh can be reached at: To see what I am up to: Spreading Knowledge, Saving Lives, find me at