Living Life to the Fullest:  Join host Lillian Kreppel as she speaks with her friend, Lisi Alpert Guido, NY realtor selling homes in  crazy times. Born and raised in Rockland county NY, Lisi also lived in L.A. for 20 years. Lisi has worn many hats literally throughout the years, and looks good in them. From playing the electric cello in rock bands, to being a certified personal trainer, to  working in marketing and events for Variety Magazine, to sales for Clear Channel, and to casting for reality television. Now back in Rockland, NY, she continues working in TV but is also a licensed NY realtor. Always on the hustle to enjoy what she loves, her family, friends, traveling the world (and when life permits again), cooking with the hubby, fantastic wine and her giant puppy. You can reach Lisi at IG @lsariacasting