Martha Krejci

Martha is a self-proclaimed high-vibin’ mama, wife and lover of life first, and Business Growth Strategist & Investor second. She made her first million in less than a year and is now focused on helping you do the same. She creates content teaching how to build a business that is heart-centered and service focused. Come and fill your cup…and it will probably legit overflow…but it’s all good

I’m Martha, a mama, wife, friend, and lover of life first, and a CEO second.

My hubby and I have a digital marketing agency and an educational platform where we teach business owners how to DOMINATE the marketplace all on their own.  We basically turn “I can’t” into “I can” by showing business owners, step-by-step how to approach their online side of their marketing (which should be most of it these days…who are we kidding, right?) like a total boss.  We have a lot of fun…can you tell?

Now, aside from business, I’m a very spiritually-minded, holistically-driven mama…you could call me crunchy and I wouldn’t get mad, lol!  We don’t eat any of the things we see as poisonous to our systems like processed sugar and wheat.  I love finding new and tasty recipes that fit within our diet, so you’ll see lots of those here 

All in all, we are on a journey of creating a life that INSPIRES us.  Come hang out!

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