Laura Saltman Hollywood Healer

Get ready for wisdom to inspire you, experts to engage you in wellness, passionate stories of triumph and a little bit of mediumship, channeling and energy work with high conscious content.
Meet Laura Saltman, Author, Speaker and Intuitive Soul Coach Laura Saltman is a mindfulness, meditation and metaphysical teacher who began her career in Hollywood as an entertainment reporter. Laura uses a mix of spiritual wisdom and practical advice to help lead others to their own inate healing power. She works with clients one-on-one as a channel and medium, while at the same time using the medium of television and digital programming to get people to turn the channel from negative news to more uplifting and inspiring content like her show Wake Up Well. For speaking opportunities, brand partnerships and interview requests: info@laurasaltman.com Channeling/Mediumship Readings and Workshops:  https://laurasaltman.com/workwithme/ Website: https://laurasaltman.com To be a guest on Wake Up Well email: lauras@wellworld.tv