Currently broadcasted on over four million households through Apple TV, Roku TV, Fire TV, and WellWorld TV, Lali La Luna TV is a platform for people all over the world to connect, express, and feel seen in a conscious manner. Straying from the surface level and exploring what really makes us human, conscious journalist and spiritual counselor Jazmin Kylene sits down with artists and showcases people who simply have a light to shine. Our shows include College Kids On, where students on college campuses are interviewed on a variety of important matters, from voting to self-care. Others include Good People: Globally, where people around the world are highlighted for doing their own version of good, as well as The Tea On, a sit-down talk show where guests sip tea and discuss all things from meditation to being a millennial mom to veganism. From our conversation parties to our digital content, Lali La Luna TV pours light back into our fear-based media and strives to normalize organic human connection. To book one on one counseling sessions, access to merchandise, RSVP to the next conversation party, and all other inquiries, visit LaliLaLuna.TV