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I need to “find” myself… I need to “heal”…I need to “grow”… I need “peace of mind”… What does that mean? How do I do that? Where do I start? Follow Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider. She will solve your questions with science: Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, Kinesiology, Philosophy, NeuroScience, and Physics. Join us. Learn the Magic. Start Healing.

Self-realization is impossible to reach!

The busy everyday person can’t afford to escape to India for 15 years and live with a Guru, nor does he/she want to. Finally, a solution…Dr. Kim’s step-by-step transformational tools and high quality coursework deliver real long-term results in the direction of self-realization for everyone. Especially for the everyday hard-working person who wants to stay at home.

How are her program’s different? Professor Kim’s programs are always entrenched in fact-based sciences: Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, Kinesiology, Philosophy, NeuroScience, and Physics.

Join Us. Learn the Magic. Start Healing.


Meet Dr. Kim,

Exceeding expectations, Dr. Kim’s realistic approach to Utopian Healthcare results in meaningful and measurable re-alignment to the joy of authentic living everyone deserves. She is a Harvard Psychologist, a Boston Univ. Physical Therapist, & a University Professor.

  • Master of Psychology                                Harvard University
  • Non-Profit Business Management         Harvard University
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy                      Boston University
  • Master of Physical Therapy                      University of Oklahoma
  • Bachelor of Health Science                       University of Oklahoma

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