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Brave Healer Productions is changing the world one brave word at a time. Founder, and Lead Goddess of Badassery, Laura Di Franco interviews holistic healthcare practitioners who share the tools, strategies, tips, and tricks to empower you to heal yourself, mind, body, and soul. This is a place where healer entrepreneurs share their important messages with the world in a bigger way.

Your fear of not-good-enough is boring. It’s not about you anymore. What if the thing you’re still a little afraid to share is exactly what someone needs to hear to change, or even save, their life? It’s time to be brave! 

Meet Laura Di Franco, Founder and Lead Goddess of Badassery at Brave Healer Productions:

Laura has 30 years of holistic physical therapy expertise, 14 published books, and several hundred blogs. It’s her mission to help you share your brave words in a bigger way, to help you build your business, and leave the legacy you were born for. When Laura isn’t writing you’ll find her driving her Mustang, or taste-testing dark chocolate. 

Brave Healer Productions publishes books that heal the world. If you’re looking for a different kind of hybrid publishing experience where the journey of the author is honored just as much as the results for the reader, you’re in the right place. We are accepting submissions for non-fiction, signature books and teaching memoir. Find info at www.BraveHealer.com

Not ready to write a whole book yet? You might be the next expert author for our Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing collaborative book! You’ll find the info and application for chapter submissions here: https://lauradifranco.com/ultimate-guide-project/ 

Looking for a transformational writing program that caters to healers who are sharing their stories for the first time? You’ll find Intuitive Writing and Speaking for Healer Entrepreneurs and the Write Your Brave Book 3-month programs at www.BraveHealer.com

Feel free to email us with questions at BraveHealer1@comcast.net

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Contact Person: Laura Di Franco

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Contact Phone: 703.915.3653

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