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Debra K.

Debra is the founder of and an Emmy-nominated television producer who currently has two shows, Senior Moments and the Journey into Wellbeing airing on PBS. She is a keynote speaker, published author and television host. Her network, Well World TV shares inspirational and educational stories with the intention to help viewers experience radical wellbeing. Debra hosts two series; The Prime Time with Linzi Martinez and Body Transformed.

Allan Share

Welcome to Wellness Minutes from Allan Share and the Spa Industry Association. Listen in as we explore wellness from around the globe and why our industry is the place to be. We cover everything from Retail and Sales to Jessner Peels and Massage techniques and why these work in our wellness world.    

Byrd Rider Utopian Healthcare

Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider provides you medical-grade treatments through relationship, autonomy, and skill competency as opposed to a pill. The programming on Utopian Healthcare is medical-grade and presented by licensed healthcare professionals. Byrd Rider Utopian Healthcare is developing several series including: Rendezvous with the Masters, Beyond My Wants, Beyond My Fears and Utopian Yoga (Watch Now)

Dog Care On Air

Dog Care On Air provides education from leading animal experts aimed at keeping your canine best friend healthy. Content features top experts on nutrition, health care, innovative products and services to keep your pup vital and happy.

Dr. Brazelia Lazzari

Dr. Brazelia Lazzari is the President and Clinical Director of Brazelia Integrative Anti-Aging Center in Boca Raton, FL. She is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, licensed by the state of Florida and board certified through the NCCAOM. Her many degrees include a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and Master of Oriental Medicine […]

Dr. Gregory E. Jean-Pierre

As a NUCCA trained chiropractor, Dr. Gregory offers education on the benefits of proper diet, exercise and thinking right. NUCCA is a highly specialized chiropractic technique that involves a painless and safe spinal correction that restores body balances and increases the body’s natural healing ability. He holds a special interest in working with migraine sufferers and has experienced great success in treating this painful condition.

Human Postcards

Human Postcards is an ongoing series of 60 second video portraits, capturing the inspirational and often powerful messages of everyday people from around the world. Since starting in 2015, Nora and Arie have produced over 150 unique postcards in multiple countries. Each postcard is one minute long and focuses on a single idea or aspect of […]

Lali La Luna

Lali La Luna TV is a digital platform hosted by Jazmin Kylene where people all over the world can connect, express, and feel seen in a conscious manner. She currently has three series; College Kids On, The Tea On and Good People: Globally

Laura Saltman

Laura is a multiple Emmy-nominated Journalist, Speaker, TV and Digital Host, and Author of The All of Everything, A Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination, The All of the All and The All That Is. With a background that began in lifestyle programming and entertainment news, Laura now uses her gift of spiritual connection by using heart, humor and a little bit of pop culture to motivate people to be their best.

MindBody Elevate

Emilia Lujan, founder of the MindBody Expo, is a passionate advocate for the wellness movement. She is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of her growing community, and of the planet we all share. Emilia uses her knowledge and skills in Strategic Marketing and her expertise in Public Speaking, Event Production, and Digital Story Telling to deliver messages of compassion, love, and unity.

My Pure Life

While selling food is the business we are in, the true reality is that food is more than something you just buy to quench hunger. The food we eat is the most natural form of medicine we can consume and making the right choices on what works for each of us individually is daunting. The […]

PHIT America

PHIT America is a national ‘Movement’ to greatly improve the health and academic results of children by providing physical activity programs and helping children afford to play organized sports. By doing this, we create many more active kids who are healthier and better students. PHIT America was founded by Jim Baugh.

Reboot Wellness

The Reboot Wellness Cruise is a Transformation Travel Experiences Platform focused on cutting-edge, healthy lifestyle engagement created with your mind, body and spirit restoration as our core, heart centered focus and passion.

SERIES COMING SOON: Catch all the action from our fun filled cruises in our Reboot Wellness series


Relationship Development was founded by husband and wife team, Dr. Steven and Carmen Cagiano. Carmen and Steven both have a passion to inspire, educate and empower, and are devoted to providing the key ingredients that will enable others on their personal journey to complete transformation, ultimate success, and a living the lives they deeply desire. RD&T Media and Events Inc. is committed to bringing you the information and resources you need to thrive in this rapidly changing world.

Slash Fitness

Meet Joe and Austin, founders of Slash Fitness..."We bring ‘it’ every single day. No matter the circumstances, we push positive energy as soon as you step into Slash Fitness! Fitness enthusiasts get down to our loud beats and positive, motivating energy at no extra cost. Entertainment at Slash is free of charge"

Stories Lived

Stories Lived collects, collates and shares inspirational short videos telling stories of personal triumph, passion and mission to inspire others to be their best self! With videos from over 40 countries and viewers from over 160 countries, we know humanity is thirsty for inspiration and our goal is to fill this global drought. Connecting humanity […]

The Prime Time

Growing old isn’t a walk in the park, but hosts Debra K and Linzi Martinez plan to make it an adventure of a lifetime.  In this new series, Debra and Linzi are tackling middle-age with wit, grit, and grace. IN FACT! THEY ARE IN THE PRIME OF THEIR LIVES! Together, they are exploring every exciting, terrifying, annoying, worrisome and rewarding […]