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StoriesLived – Manly Women’s Shelter: Colours

The true story of woman who overcomes domestic violence and embraces her life, through the support of the Manly Women’s Shelter of Sydney, Australia. The Shelter “provides support for women in crisis to help them feel safe and rebuild their lives.” The film moves through an animation representation of the speaker’s words as she relays […]

Stories Lived – Tales Of Fogotten Crafts

These are the stories of some of the last great hand craft masters still living and working in the UK. Using traditional techniques that date back hundreds of years, these skills are a dying breed. However the passion for continuing these crafts is still alive in these people and can be passed on.

Stories Lived – Being Eco-Conscious with Bhoomi College

Bhoomi College is a space for learning for those who are keen to work in the areas of alternative education or sustainable living. It is committed to a holistic approach to learning and living. It’s curricula is based on integration of ecological consciousness with holistic science, the humanities, arts and crafts, through theory and practice. […]

Stories Lived – Delray Beach Children’s Garden

Shelly Zacks was ready to retire and take it easy. Then she read Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv. With dedication and a community that galvanized around her vision, the Delray Beach Children’s Garden came into being. Today it stands as a garden, a laboratory, and a […]

Stories Lived – WISER: Empowering Girls WISER

In 2013, I was contacted by an organization called WISER to help tell their incredible story of empowering girls in a very difficult, patriarchal society in rural Kenya. I went to the WISER campus in Muhuru Bay and spent 4 days on campus, filming the lives of the girls, interviewing them, seeing their home lives […]

Have a Good Day: The Wave

“Have a good day.” So says a man named Brother Lewis in the Forest Park SouthEast area of St. Louis who is making a uniquely huge impact. I first encountered him on my way to work one day and soon noticed that he was there standing on the corner of Tower Grove and Vista everyday […]