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The Ancient Practice of Ayurvedic Medicine with Laure Carter

Ayurveda is an ancient system of natural and holistic health care that creates within your body and mind an optimum environment for healing to take place and maximizes your body’s ability to heal itself. To achieve vibrant health, it’s important to understand the foods and lifestyle habits and choices that bring you in balance. Through […]

Healing & Yoga with Pedro Luna at the 7th Annual MindBody Expo

At MindBody Expo, you will be submerged in the healing power of yoga through the ancient practices of the mind, body, and spirit connection. Learn to master your breath, let yourself be in bliss, and strive for progress, not for perfection. What we have to offer you? MindBody Expo will be bringing you a one […]

Get a Red Carpet Experience with Debra K and Well World TV

Last year, Debra K. interviewed vendors, attendees, and influencers on the Well World TV red carpet on the 6th annual MindBody Expo. Well World TV is the newest online TV network sharing inspirational and educational stories to help you live a better, healthier, and happier life. On Well World TV, you can expect to watch […]

Relax, Unwind, and Pause at this Local Exotic Tea Lounge

Meet our sponsors Pause at 131 Swinton. On March 22nd in Old School Square, Delray Beach. Pause…at 131 Swinton offers a unique combination of services to renew your soul and regenerate from the stress of everyday life. Pause serves kava and other botanicals, organic herbal teas, specialty coffee drinks, and Lite Bites. In addition to […]

Meet our Studio Partners, Plumb Talk Productions

Get to know Shelley Plumb, founder of Plumb Talk Productions on the main stage! She will be using her expertise in production and speaking, and her passion for health and wellness to introduce our phenomenal speakers on the main stage. Our media partners, Plumb Talk Productions has various services to help any wellness brand grow […]

Meet our Events Coordinator, Kristen!

Kristen’s journey to her best health began when she lived in a toxic environment in her family home. She began voraciously researching how to improve her health via everything that was ON, IN and AROUND her family, beginning with food, water and a new home. Her unique vision and passion for event planning and design […]

Meet our Operations Manager, Olga Manguno

After a successful career in corporate America, Olga realized her real passion and purpose was to inspire and help others to transform their lifestyles in order to achieve balance and happiness. She’s wife and a mom with a mission to prevent and heal disease through nutrition. Her training in Holistic Health and Gut Health from […]

Meet our Senior Vice President, Mark Bernstein

Mark has over 20 years’ experience in marketing and has been successful in leading teams to help drive growth and profitability. Mark possesses expertise in events, digital marketing, customer experience and developing strategic partnerships. Throughout his career he has focused on building strong partner, client, vendor and internal stakeholder relationships. Mark’s passions are live music, […]

Sneak Peak of our 7th Annual Event with the MindBody Expo Team.

Get to know our team and what the MindBody Expo is about. We are a 501 (c) (3) dedicated to providing our growing community of wellness enthusiasts the products, services, and content you need to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Your health and wellbeing is important to us. For this, we are inspired to […]

Prevent, Reduce and Reverse Childhood Obesity with Eat Better Live Better

Eat Better Live Better (EBLB) is a local South Florida charity whose mission is to help prevent, reduce and reverse childhood obesity and provide families with nutritional plans and healthy foods. This interview with founder, Debra Tendrich, will reveal how her mission has been able to impact 7,000 plus children and families in Delray Beach, […]