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Laura Saltman

Healing Body/Mind/Soul

Listen in with Laura Saltman on how healing our mind works the same as healing our body.

Conquering Your Inferiority

Our inner mindset makes us who we are. Laura Saltman discusses how to break the inferiority complex once and for all.

Embracing Life For Those Who Can’t Anymore

Laura Saltman implores people to go out and live life as a means to honor their departed loved ones.

Don’t Give Up, Just Let Go

Laura Saltman talks about how our strong desires can often lead to disappointment.

Opportunity is Knocking, Take It!

Laura Saltman explains how our intentions lead to opportunity and how not to miss the message.

Mirror, Mirror (The Wisdom of the All)

Laura Saltman shines a light on the internal thought processes going on when we turn towards judgement of others, especially on social media. (No captions)

The Purpose of Pain (The Wisdom of the All)

Laura Saltman shares wisdom on how our pain is like a light post leading us to deeper insights into our thought processes and why its important to recognize the meanings behind it.

Breaking Down Your Brick Wall

Laura discusses “living in the lack” and how to break through limiting beliefs.

The Message in Your Mess

Laura takes a hard look at our hard lessons in life and what they mean.