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Human Postcards

ARDOUIN “Everybody loves firefighters”

Ardouin lives two lives, one as a part of a team designing beautiful diamond engagement rings, and the other as a firefighter for the Wanaka Volunteer Fire Brigade. Career firefighters make up only 20 percent of the New Zealand Fire Service; the remaining 80 percent of firefighters are volunteers, who receive no payment for their […]

VANGA – “I wish there was less evil in the world”

Take 60 seconds to meet Vanga, a family doctor working in Singapore. His practice presents him with a constant flow of patients, which gives him an interesting point of view about human nature.

BRYNEE “I’m Stan the Dog”

Have you ever wondered who is inside the mascot suit? Who are they, and what do they dream about? Behind this mask is a young mind filled with ambition. Who knows where humble beginnings can take us.

SONO “Hand Tapping is like meditation”

Take 60 seconds to meet Sono, a #tattoo artist in Bali. He practices “Hand Tapping”, an ancient method of tattooing in Indonesia.

EUNICE “The adults are sometimes more excited than the kids”

Eunice and her sister Evelyne have been serving “Paradise Snow” to New Zealanders for 28 years. Their snow cones are so popular that some customers will wait in line for several hours at busy events. Eunice founded the business with her former partner in 1987.

GEORGE “I’m helping the world”

George is 10 and lives in a small town in New Zealand. In his spare time, he designs “Cool Stuff for Boys” made from recycled materials, which he sells online to customers around the world. George shares how he believes his designs are helping to make a better world. (PS: He screen prints himself!)

ROBI “The more you give, the less you take, the bigger your value”

Meet Robi, environmental activist and lead singer of the Bali based rock band, Navicula. The beauty of Bali & Indonesia is under threat from environmental issues such as deforestation by palm oil plantations and mass tourism. Working alongside NGO’s like Greenpeace and Kopernik, Navicula use songwriting, live performance and activism to illuminate social injustices such […]

VICKY “Have fun”

Vicky runs the infamous pub quiz on Stewart Island. She is the life of Sunday nights, bringing together locals and tourists in this tiny community of 400 people, which attracts over 36,000 tourists per year Vicky’s quiz night is one of the attractions, and whether you are Prince Harry (who participated this year) or Joe […]

Inaki: “The most beautiful thing that happened to my life”

Iñaki is a boy from New Zealand. We spent a day with him, probing his 8-year old mind with questions about philosophy, life, the future and Legos. We asked Iñaki the question “What’s the most beautiful thing that happened in your life?” Here is his answer in one minute.