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Debra K.

BODY TRANSFORMED – Growing old isn’t a walk in the park, but host Debra K plans to show that reaching fifty is just the beginning of what she has the potential to do in life. There’s no better place to start than her body! Noticing that things are shifting, and not always in good way, Debra is out to prove that she is in her prime and able to transform her body to be in the best shape she’s ever been in. Viewers will be inspired as she tackles her diet, fitness and the psychological components to being radically healthy.

THE PRIME TIME – In this new series, Debra K and Linzi Martinez (co-host and co-executive producer) are tackling middle-age with wit, grit, and grace. IN FACT! THEY ARE IN THE PRIME OF THEIR LIVES! Together, they are exploring every exciting, terrifying, annoying, worrisome and rewarding aspect of being women in their 50’s. Engaging, relatable and hysterically funny, you’ll hear, not just their own personal struggles and triumphs, but also the inspiring stories of others they meet along the way. This series is designed to motivate, inspire and empower viewers to embrace the challenges of getting older and provide them the tools and resources to have a rich and brilliant second half to life.

Work with Debra in a variety of ways;

Guaranteed Media Coverage: Bring Well World TV to your next event and ensure all your VIP’s are happy with guaranteed engagement and activities including; interviews, red carpet experience, videographer and event emcee. Customize a package that fits your event.

Keynote Speaker: Ready to Rock Radical Wellbeing with your audience? Debra is a graduate trained speaker and will create a presentation for your event and attendees.

Media Coaching: Want to become a video star and not sure how? Work with Debra and she will share the secrets to creating your own personal brand and video series. She can also help you with broadcast outlets and sponsors.


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