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Debra K.

Body Transformed Trailer

An Introduction to the Body Transformed Series, a Well World TV original series.

Ep. 5 – Body Transformed

This episode covers the benefits of IV therapy with Chad VanHorn

Ep 6: Body Transformed, Oh Shit! Moment

Struggling with body image issues for her entire life, Debra shares a moment when she realizes she has exposed her body to the camera and freaks out.

Ep. 13 Ab Contouring with ThermiBody

Debra visits with Dr. Brazelia Lazzari to explore ThermiBody as a way to assist in improving the appearance of her abdominal area. Dr. Lazzari is located in Boca Raton, Florida and can be reached at

Ep. 9 – Body Transformed

Jillian shares with Debra some great dinner options

Ep. 10 – Body Transformed

Making a healthy shake with Jillian

Body Transformed – Ep. 4 – Benefits of IV therapy

Debra meets with Chief Medical Officer for Liquivida Lounge, Dr. Willix. He explains what it will take to get started on her wellness journey.

Ep. 12 – Body Transformed

Andy shares how to choose a great trainer