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Debra K.

Ep. 5 – Body Transformed

This episode covers the benefits of IV therapy with Chad VanHorn

Ep. 16 Hair Transformation – part 2

In this segment, Debra visits with Dirty Blonde Salon in Boca Raton to discuss options for a new cut and style. She learns all about hair care from her stylist.

Ep 6: Body Transformed, Oh Shit! Moment

Struggling with body image issues for her entire life, Debra shares a moment when she realizes she has exposed her body to the camera and freaks out.

Ep 16 Body Transformed Bloopers

Being on camera can be fun… especially when you screw things up. LOL

Body Transformed – an emotional moment

Debra shares a story about her niece seeing her images on Social Media and is impacted by the realization that even young people are watching her weight loss journey.

Ep. 9 – Body Transformed

Jillian shares with Debra some great dinner options

Ep. 10 – Body Transformed

Making a healthy shake with Jillian

Body Transformed – Ep. 1 – Getting to Know Debra

Getting to know Debra.