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Debra K.

Ep. 13 Ab Contouring with ThermiBody

Debra visits with Dr. Brazelia Lazzari to explore ThermiBody as a way to assist in improving the appearance of her abdominal area. Dr. Lazzari is located in Boca Raton, Florida and can be reached at

Ep. 9 – Body Transformed

Jillian shares with Debra some great dinner options

Ep. 10 – Body Transformed

Making a healthy shake with Jillian

Body Transformed Trailer

An Introduction to the Body Transformed Series, a Well World TV original series.

Body Transformed – Ep. 4 – Benefits of IV therapy

Debra meets with Chief Medical Officer for Liquivida Lounge, Dr. Willix. He explains what it will take to get started on her wellness journey.

Ep. 12 – Body Transformed

Andy shares how to choose a great trainer

Body Transformed – Ep. 3 – Proper Nutrition: Meet Jillian

Proper Nutrition with Jillian Sutton.