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Medical Grade Yoga for Spine – Disc Herniation

No forward-bending in this program. Flexion or forward-bending can encourage spinal discs to shift increasing pain. Posterior muscles still stretched without forward-bending which is difficult to achieve in yoga.

Medical Grade Yoga for Spine Muscle Strain Osteoarthritis Weakness

These two diagnoses both typically benefit from the spinal vertebrae to move gently in every direction. Nice general spine program for every plane of motion.

Medical Grade Yoga in a Chair

All exercises are performed seated in a chair ending with a standing balance behind the chair. Good for people in a wheelchair too.

Medical Grade Yoga for Person in a Bed

All exercises can be performed in a hospital bed, home bed or on the floor.

Medical Grade Yoga for Weight Loss

Cortisol rises with stress impeding weight loss. Breathing techniques, stretching and grounding applied to lower stress and cortisol fostering weight loss. Gorgeous Colorado Box Canyon.

Medical Grade Yoga for Stroke CVA

Cueing and exercises modified for mild to moderate hemiplegia. Also, good for people with impaired shoulder range of motion or strength, without a stroke

Medical Grade Yoga for Stress, Anxiety

Stress reduction achieved with easy grounding exercises oriented towards stretching with lots of destressing breathwork.

Medical Grade Yoga for Shoulders

Safe prevention or post-surgery rehab. Start with the non-weight bearing exercises at the beginning and progress to full-weight bearing at the end, according to your physician’s restrictions.

Medical Grade Yoga for Spinal Stenosis Spondylosis Spondylolisthes

No back-bending in this program, which is contraindicated for these diagnoses. Spinal extensors are still strengthened without the back-bending.

Medical Grade Yoga for Sacroiliac SI Instability

SI pain usually originates from SI joint instability. This program focuses on strengthening the muscles around the SI joint to help stabilize it. No stretching to this area. The area is already too lax.