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Allan Share

Wellness Minutes: Nutrient Body Sculpt

Allan speaks with Meggie Jones of Nutrient Body Sculpt about her full body treatment program.

Wellness Minutes: Patti Biro on Impulse Buying

Allan talks with Patti from Patti Biro and Associates on impulse buying and how it relates to the spa industry.

Wellness Minutes: Sonal Uberoi on Burnout in the Spa Industry

Allan talks to Sonal at Spa Balance Consulting about burnout in the spa industry and the importance of living what you preach.

Wellness Minutes: JM Pankey Retail Wellness Tourism Video

On this week’s Wellness Minutes Allan Share talks wellness tourism with Julie from JM Pankey and Associates.  

Wellness Minutes: Monte Zwang on Time Management Video

Allan talks to Monte Zwang of Wellness Capital Management on time management. Monte addresses the “time vampire” and how to be disciplined with your time.

Wellness Minutes Jessica at Moxie Malas Video

Allan Share learns more about Moxie from Jessica at Moxie Malas, a collection of meditation beads to help you live peacefully untamed.

Wellness Minutes: Hope Science Inflammation

Allan speaks with Dr. Kim Vanderlinden of Hope Science about inflammation and Active Again.