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Good People: Globally | Urban Orchid

From Happy Cow’s top 10 to the winner of Madrid’s Tapapies two years in a row, the vegan cafe Urban Orchard has become pretty legendary. I sat down with its owner Elliot to talk a little bit about how a plant-based eatery has found so much success in a meat/dairy driven culture. Thank you for […]

Good People: Globally | Community Works

Through family services, youth development, restorative justice, and violence prevention, the non-profit organization Community Works is fighting to undo the damage our broken judicial system has caused. communityworkswest.org Instagram: Jazminkylene Thank you for watching!

The Tea On: Being a Millennial Mom w/ Jasmine Henderson

In honor of Mothers Day, I sat down with my best friend who also happens to be a millennial mom to get the tea on what being a young mom is really like. Instagram: @JazminKylene Website: MillennialsOn.com Questions: Hardest/easiest part? 2:14 How will it shape your child differently? 3:48 Are you reluctant to let your […]

The Tea On: Racial Identity w/ Jeff Wahlberg

In a culture that is so label driven, it’s proven difficult to find yourself when you feel like you’re split between two different races. Questions: How has being mixed helped you? 1:26 What was your family experience like? 3:29 Your first encounter with an identity crisis? 6:04 Do you get offended when you’re labeled one […]

Tea On: Being a Millennial Immigrant w/ Luis Felipe

With the current climate and tensions surrounding immigration, I thought there was no better time than now to sip some tea with my friend Luis, who happens to be a millennial immigrant and discuss his experience. How has being a student immigrant molded your perception of education? 3:50 Immigration and mental health 8:13 What are […]

The Tea On: Confidence w/ Teenear

I sat down with R&B songstress Teenear to talk a little bit about her latest single, what she’s been up to as an artist, and how she manages to stay confident in today’s digital age. Instagram: @teenearr @jazminkylene MillennialsOn.com Thank you for watching!