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Medical Grade Yoga – Day 1

Safe for the beginner and the advanced practitioner, these one-hour total-body workout videos match your bodies daily needs. Each video is a stand-alone total body workout but the videos vary exercises from day to day in order to avoid repetitive injuries. They also vary in order to strengthen and stretch all of the muscle groups […]

Brain Chemistry 101 with Dr. Loretta Graziano-Breuning

Dr. Breuning is the world’s clearest and most powerful voice on brain chemistry and its impact in our day to day lives. You will hear amazingly useful information on how to better navigate all of your social interactions. These are critical insights into creating a happier more productive life.

The Food Industry is Harming Humanity with Bill Tara

Bill Tara is an author, health counselor and co-founder of He is a health visionary who has dedicated his life to educating humanity on the multiple benefits of veganism. Bill cuts through the confusion with some astounding facts about the food industry and how it is harming humanity and our planet.

Healthy Diet – Healthy Planet with Marlene

Marlene Watson-Tara a health visionary. She is a macrobiotic counselor and the founder of This is an in-depth look into the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle. Marlene states a compelling and energetic case that veganism will not only transform your health it is also the most direct and humane route to a sustainable environment.

Dr. Rick Hanson Hardwiring happiness

Rick Hanson Ph.D., is a psychologist, and New York Times best-selling author with five books in 28 languages. This interview offers a deep dive into Rick’s unique and effective approaches to living a more resilient life. He is a clarion voice when he makes the distinction between activating positive emotions and installing them permanently. Rick […]

Dr. Joel Fuhrman Reverse Disease

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a six-time New York Times bestselling author and the founder of the Eat to Live Retreat. Dr. Fuhrman is an internationally recognized health expert. There is no one on the planet more competent and congruent on how to reverse chronic disease with a healthy diet.

The Purpose of Pain (The Wisdom of the All)

Laura Saltman shares wisdom on how our pain is like a light post leading us to deeper insights into our thought processes and why its important to recognize the meanings behind it.

Mind Body Expo Series Teaser

MindBody Expo provides you with unforgettable events that will enhance and deepen your understanding of health, wellness, and sustainability. We are passionate about bringing you quality information for your personal growth. This is why we are launching the MindBody Elevate series! This series will take you on a journey to discovering the different pillars we […]

Well World TV visits the MindBodyExpo

Well World TV offers guaranteed media coverage for events. This videos offers a glimpse of the fun activities happening at the MindBody Expo. Contact to bring reporters, the red carpet and fun to your next event.