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Dr. Steven Cagiano

Dr. Steven Cangiano began his career as a podiatric surgeon. He completed his medical school training at Temple University and his surgical residency at the NY College of Podiatric Medicine where he was chief resident. Dr. Cangiano spent thirteen years in academic medicine teaching foot and ankle surgery before venturing off into the world of complementary medicine.

In the process of overcoming a personal health challenge, Dr. Cangiano became enamored with the field of alternative medicine and behavioral change techniques. Before long, he was lecturing to thousands across the country. Dr. Cangiano and his colleagues gave world class seminars on multiple topics including the law of attraction.

After four years and hundreds of seminars a disturbing pattern emerged. Very few attendees attracted what they wanted; most did the opposite. This was a disturbing realization and sent him on a lifelong journey to discover the secrets to success. This journey has led him and his wife Carmen to create RDT Media and Events. They are dedicated to being the finest on-line digital platform by bringing together the finest thought leaders, content and products in the personal development and healthy longevity industry.