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Meet our Studio Partners, Plumb Talk Productions

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Get to know Shelley Plumb, founder of Plumb Talk Productions on the main stage! She will be using her expertise in production and speaking, and her passion for health and wellness to introduce our phenomenal speakers on the main stage.

Our media partners, Plumb Talk Productions has various services to help any wellness brand grow and reach thousands of people.

PlumbTalk Productions has been creating, writing, and producing its own programs for years and now extends these valuable services to you. Complete with state-of-the-art equipment, the PlumbTalk Production Team is able to tailor programs to meet your production needs.

Services provided include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Equipment Rental
  • On-location Shoots
  • Customized Talk Show Production
  • Multi-camera Live Event Coverage
  • Live Stream Services
  • Professional Video Editing
  • Webinar Production
  • Promotional Video
  • “About” Page Video
  • On Location Filming
  • Video Testimonials
  • Speaker Sizzle Reel
  • LIVE Presentation Coverage

We stand out from the rest in our ability to create unique “Out of the Box” scripts, video formats, and conference programming designed to communicate to your clientele in the most effective manner.

Come meet Shelley Plumb at the 7th Annual MindBody Expo on March 22nd.

Interviews were produced by Plumb Talk Productions,

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