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Healing & Yoga with Pedro Luna at the 7th Annual MindBody Expo

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At MindBody Expo, you will be submerged in the healing power of yoga through the ancient practices of the mind, body, and spirit connection. Learn to master your breath, let yourself be in bliss, and strive for progress, not for perfection.

What we have to offer you?

MindBody Expo will be bringing you a one of a kind experience where you will be submerged in the healing arts under the instructions of our experts. We have planned various activities for you like:

– Bhakti yoga philosophy classes
– Kirtan mantra meditation
– Various asana classes
– Reiki Circle
– Sound Healing
– Thai Massage
– And more!

Pedro Luna is a South Florida based yoga instructor, experience creator, podcast host, lululemon ambassador, meme maker, and international retreat leader. Pedro has been teaching yoga since the fall of 2012. He has done multiple teacher trainings around the country and is continually working on his craft. Pedro’s mission in life is to share the gift of yoga with the world. Pedro enjoy’s teaching various styles of yoga and hosting some of the most unique yoga experiences that one could have. He believes that yoga is for anyone and everyone, if you can breathe you can do yoga.

Come and meet Pedro at his opening yoga class at 10AM on the main stage. Or join him all day long for healing activities in the Healing Arts Zone on March 22nd in Old School Square.

Interviews were produced by Plumb Talk Productions, plumbtalkwomen.com.

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