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Natural Fitness Champion with Derek McGuire

World class natural body builder divulges his secrets and challenges. Derek McGuire, Humanity Upgrade fitness director, opens up about how he overcame juvenile diabetes and celiac disease. Despite these challenges he became a college All-American athlete and world class professional natural bodybuilder. If your goal is becoming a pro bodybuilder or better fitness this is […]

The Science of Love an Interview with Dr. Carlos Orozco

Dr Carlos is a true polymath – meaning he has in-depth knowledge in multiple scientific disciplines. This is a whirlwind conversation that has the potential to transform your understanding of life. Biochemistry, immunology, oncology, genetics, epigenetics and quantum physics combine to create the science of love. No one articulates it more effectively than Dr. Carlos!

Health Visionary a discussion with Vincent Gravina

There are a growing group of credible scientists claiming – “A Looming Health Crisis.” This is not hyperbole or apocalyptic rhetoric the research is undeniable. Vincent Gravina is a health visionary and entrepreneur who has been creating solutions his entire life. In this interview Dr. Cangiano explores the challenges and solutions offered by Vincent through […]