Nutrition45 Videos

NUCCA Care Explained

A certified NUCCA chiropractor, Dr. Jean-Pierre explains in depth how NUCCA can help with your overall health.

Subluxation 101

Dr. Jean-Pierre explains what subluxation is and how to correct this common issue.

Migraine Care

Having suffered with migraines for many years, Dr. Gregory Jean-Pierre shares his thoughts on prevention and care.

Ensuring Good Sleep

A good night’s sleep is critical for overall health and in this video, Dr. G shares some great tips on how to sleep well.

Text Neck Solutions

All of us suffer from forward head posture and in this video, Dr. G shares how to prevent and correct this problem.

Breaking Down Your Brick Wall

Laura discusses “living in the lack” and how to break through limiting beliefs.

The Message in Your Mess

Laura takes a hard look at our hard lessons in life and what they mean.

Wellness Minutes: Nutrient Body Sculpt

Allan speaks with Meggie Jones of Nutrient Body Sculpt about her full body treatment program.

Wellness Minutes: Patti Biro on Impulse Buying

Allan talks with Patti from Patti Biro and Associates on impulse buying and how it relates to the spa industry.