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Natural Fitness Champion with Derek McGuire

World class natural body builder divulges his secrets and challenges. Derek McGuire, Humanity Upgrade fitness director, opens up about how he overcame juvenile diabetes and celiac disease. Despite these challenges he became a college All-American athlete and world class professional natural bodybuilder. If your goal is becoming a pro bodybuilder or better fitness this is […]

The Science of Love an Interview with Dr. Carlos Orozco

Dr Carlos is a true polymath – meaning he has in-depth knowledge in multiple scientific disciplines. This is a whirlwind conversation that has the potential to transform your understanding of life. Biochemistry, immunology, oncology, genetics, epigenetics and quantum physics combine to create the science of love. No one articulates it more effectively than Dr. Carlos!

MindBody Elevate – Green Living and Sustainability

Living green is essential for maintaining connectivity with Mother Earth! This level of unity with nature has proven to help enhance one’s mental, physical, and spiritual health. The MindBody Expo is providing you with eye-opening content to help you get one step closer to fulfilling true balance and harmony.

Mirror, Mirror (The Wisdom of the All)

Laura Saltman shines a light on the internal thought processes going on when we turn towards judgement of others, especially on social media. (No captions)

NUCCA Care Explained

A certified NUCCA chiropractor, Dr. Jean-Pierre explains in depth how NUCCA can help with your overall health.

Subluxation 101

Dr. Jean-Pierre explains what subluxation is and how to correct this common issue.

Migraine Care

Having suffered with migraines for many years, Dr. Gregory Jean-Pierre shares his thoughts on prevention and care.

Ensuring Good Sleep

A good night’s sleep is critical for overall health and in this video, Dr. G shares some great tips on how to sleep well.

Text Neck Solutions

All of us suffer from forward head posture and in this video, Dr. G shares how to prevent and correct this problem.