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Healing Body/Mind/Soul

Listen in with Laura Saltman on how healing our mind works the same as healing our body.

Don’t Give Up, Just Let Go

Laura Saltman talks about how our strong desires can often lead to disappointment.

Over 50 Years of Relationship Success with Joyce & Barry Vissell

Interview with Joyce and Barry Vissell. The Vissells draw you in and do not let you go. They have a unique and powerful energy that is captivating. After 53 years of personal success and coaching experience the insights you will discover in this video will transform your understanding of what it means to have a […]

Alignment, Fulfillment and Impact-Personal Branding with Bobby Umar

Interview with Bobby Umar. Bobby is a world-renowned thought leader in networking, social media and personal branding. With over a billion impressions on social media he has been recognized by multiple organizations as a top influencer. He discusses how you can develop the same level of success with your personal brand.

Health Visionary a discussion with Vincent Gravina

There are a growing group of credible scientists claiming – “A Looming Health Crisis.” This is not hyperbole or apocalyptic rhetoric the research is undeniable. Vincent Gravina is a health visionary and entrepreneur who has been creating solutions his entire life. In this interview Dr. Cangiano explores the challenges and solutions offered by Vincent through […]

Ivy Leaguer to Shaman Dr. Lorraine Olivero-Brodeur

Dr. Lorraine let’s you in on her amazing journey. She describes her transformation from the ivory tower of traditional medicine to shamanic healing. Her allopathic medical practice left her with the feeling that something critical was missing from the healing process. This led her to “shamanic healing.” Dr Lorraine is a thought leader exploring the […]

MindBody Elevate – Healing Arts

In today’s wellness model, consumers are often disappointed to find that westernized medicine is actually doing more harm than good. With complimentary Healing Arts, you will discover a wealth of modalities to achieve optimal health and restore your body back to balance.

MindBody Elevate – Nurture Your Body

Nurture Your Body by learning innovative ways to heal your body from within. MindBody Expo is bringing you phenomenal content on powerful healing methods that will enhance your approach to well-being.

Body Transformed – an emotional moment

Debra shares a story about her niece seeing her images on Social Media and is impacted by the realization that even young people are watching her weight loss journey.