Well World TV is Launching SOON!

Well World TV is the newest online TV network sharing inspirational and educational stories to help you live a better, healthier, and happier life.

What can you expect? On Well World TV you can expect to watch leaders in health and wellness sharing their knowledge and inspiring you to live your most vibrant and best life. We help you cut through the informational overload bringing you experts you can finally trust! Watch. Follow. Be inspired. Repeat!

A SNEAK PEEK at some Well World TV Stars!

Body Transformed with Debra K

Join founder Debra K as she moves through her biggest transformation yet. Viewers will watch her as she tackles her diet, fitness, internal health and the emotional components to weight loss and overall health. Get ready to be inspired to live your most vibrant life.

Laura S

Wisdom of the All with Laura Saltman

Laura will share the insights, information and anecdotes from her The All book series and interview change makers and thought leaders whose mission, like hers, is to spread positivity and enlightenment to the world.

Dr. Brazelia L

Inner Health and Outer Beauty with Dr. Brazelia Lazzari

As a holistic doctor dedicated to natural solutions, Dr. B is passionate about educating viewers on solutions to overall health. Also being an expert in aesthetic solutions, she will be sharing the latest in maintaining a beautiful ouside as well.

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Debra K

A Message From Founder, Debra K

"One day it became very clear I was to inspire our nation's health transformation. And then reality sunk in.... wait a second, that's crazy AND there is no way I can do this on my own. I NEED HELP! I created Well World TV to provide a platform for positive and inspirational people to share their message, while building their brand. Well World TV is designed so there are minimal barriers for changemakers to step up, own their greatness, educate viewers and further establish themselves as the WELL BEINGS they are. If you feel you have a positive message to share and you want to be part of the team that is going to evoke significant change, then reach out. The world is waiting for you."

YOU CAN BECOME A WELL WORLD TV STAR! Join the network that is going to change the World!

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We’re choosing a few wellness changemakers to share their message. If this is you, you’ll be supported rather than one alongside a million others.

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Well World TV has a team of dedicated marketing professionals to help promote your channel! You’ll reach new viewers and gain new fans!

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Along with your videos, articles and or podcasts, you’ll have a platform to promote and share your products and services to grow your business.

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Our platform will allow you to incur new followers, increase sales and improve professionalism - all while helping others live healthier, happier lives by sharing your message.

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You’ll work closely with Emmy nominated and veteran producers to ensure your success! We love it when our hosts shine!

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Are you ready to take the next step and join our team of health and wellbeing stars committed to making the world a better place?

Investing in yourself in this way, helps your positive message reach and impact more people’s lives

Traditional show production is extremely expensive and it is challenging to get a network to even look at your ideas. Well World TV believes you have a great message to share and is providing you the opportunity to bring your series to life.

If invited to become part of Well World TV, you receive;

  • A personalized channel on WellWorld.tv where all your content will rest
  • One on one coaching with a veteran media professional
  • External marketing for all new content that posts
  • Opportunity to sell your products and services
  • Assistance with production and sponsorship acquisition
  • Exposure to new viewers at a level hard to achieve on your own

Don’t delay as the World is waiting for your message and there are a limited number of channels available.

If invited to become part of Well World TV you’ll receive, unparalleled support to grow your channel, exposure to new viewers at a level hard to achieve on your own, one on one coaching….AND MORE!


Meet the Team

Debra k
Debra K

Founder, Executive Producer and Host

Debra K

Debra is an Emmy nominated television producer and host on a mission to inspire our nation’s health transformation. In an effort to bring positive and inspirational messages to a bigger audience, she founded Well World TV which will launch in early 2019. She has produced and hosted two television shows, both of which are airing on PBS and currently is working on a new series in partnership with media award winning, Linzi Martinez. The Prime Time, will broadcast in traditional television and online. 

A seasoned entrepreneur, Debra has extensive experience in business development, marketing and as a former Fortune 250 executive, a deep understanding of consumer behavior which guides the development of Well World TV. 

Creative Consultant, Published Author and Host

Laura Saltman

Laura is a multiple Emmy-nominated Journalist, Speaker, TV and Digital Host, and Author.  

With a background that began in lifestyle programming and entertainment news, Laura continues to work in television as a host and correspondent for both The Balancing Act and Designing Spaces on Lifetime TV. Her on camera career began as the digital correspondent for Access Hollywood, where she covered red carpets, movie junkets and television show set visits.  

Laura Saltman
Laura Saltman


Testimonial Image

I am so thrilled to work with Emmy nominated media professionals! I have been wanting to get my message out there to the wellness community and am excited at finding a community of like-minded people. Can't wait to release my first series!

-Emilia Lujan, My Vegan Daily

Tony Headshot

This is truly a one of a kind idea and an affordable way for me to market myself, build a brand and spread the ripple effect of my educational message. Working with Emmy nominated media professionals doesn't hurt, either!

-Tony Twymon, Reboot Wellness Cruise

Jillian Headshot

We are excited to work with the Well World TV team to develop our idea for a TV series and to have this level of assistance in bringing it to life. I can't wait!!

-Jillian Sutton, My Pure Life Foods

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We are absolutely thrilled to be working with such a great team of experienced media professionals at Well World TV, and they made it so easy to start our journey into online TV and media.

-Ronnie Tsunami, Club Tropicize

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